Bathing a Newborn with Soft Washcloths

Soft Wash Cloths are a great accessory for giving a baby a bath. However, when it comes to bathing a baby, many parents are unsure of how often they should bath their babies. Many doctors advice that bathing a newborn every day is not particularly necessary. So long as their face, hands, and diaper area is kept clean, parents can skip baths on some days. Now giving a newborn baby a bath requires some skill, and in addition to Soft Wash Cloths parents also need some other accessories to make the process easy and effective. Below we discuss tips on how to give a baby a bath.

Soft Wash Cloths

Choose a Good Bath Time

Parents after a short time, will come to learn that there are bath times that work best for their baby and sometimes that are not the most convenient. It is important to choose the best times during the day that will cause the least amount of stress and then make this a routine. One of the best bath times is right before bedtime. It helps to calm and relax the baby and put them in the right mood to fall asleep quickly and peacefully. I remember some of my nephews and nieces while being given a bath right before bedtime often start to fall asleep before bath time is over.

Have a Thorough Bath Prep

Before you start to give a baby a bath, it is important to have all the supplies treaty and within reach. This includes the Soft Wash Cloths, bath towels, bath soaps, shampoo, soft hair brush, oils and ointment etc. All these items and any other bath supply or accessory must be within reach of the person giving the baby a bath. This is so that whoever is giving the baby a bath can reach these items without moving or without having to take both hands of the baby.

On no account and under no circumstance should the baby be left unattended to while they are in the bath or while they are being given a bath. It is important to follow this rule all the time as even leaving the baby for one second could lead to drastic consequences. For those learning to give a baby a bath, it helps to have some help or someone else present so if anything is out of reach, they can help to bring it so the parent does not have to move. If the person giving the baby has to move for any reason (say someone is at the door) they should take the baby, wrapped in a towel, with them and return later to continue the bath.

Soft Wash Cloths

Make it Quick

Giving a baby a bath should not be a prolonged exercise because babies can get cold pretty quickly even though they are being bathed with warm water. Prepping properly before bath time does help speed up the process and then you can be done in record time. After the bath, wrap the baby up properly in a towel to get them dry and keep them warm at the same time then dress them up in their clothes immediately after applying any body oils or giving them a quick baby massage.

After dressing them up in warm clothes then you can brush their hair and style it if needed. Also, you can set the thermostat in the house a little higher before you start to give the baby a bath. That way, your newborn will stay a cozy temperature when they are both in and out of the water and then they are less likely to feel cold.

Ease into the Process

Having a bath is still a new process for a baby so they might need some time to adjust. When giving them a bath, lower them into the bath water gently and hold them up with one hand. Make sure the water is the right temperature and that it’s not overwhelming for the baby. Then start to gently clean them using a soft wash cloth and a soothing bath soap. Also take it easy when you towel them dry and when you dress them up in their clothes or nightwears.

After giving a baby a bath, also dry them up carefully to make sure there is no residual water or so soap foam on their body. If you choose to use any lotion or baby oil, make sure it is hypoallergenic, natural, and made specially for babies.

Use Tear Free Soap and Shampoo

Speaking of baby soaps and lotions. It is always better to use tear free baby bath soaps and shampoo. These tear free soaps and shampoos should also be gentle to the skin and not contain an harsh chemicals. When a baby skin comes in contact with harsh soaps, it can lead to skin rashes or other reactions. In addition, using tear free shampoo and soap ensures that if it mistakenly gets in the baby’s eyes, there won’t be any harmful effect or sting.

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